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Auto CPAP Machine


ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP Machine

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  • An easy-to-use touchscreen makes the AirSense 11 simple to understand and operate

  • Care Check-In gives you coaching and assistance tailored to meet your personal needs

  • Sleek, modern design that will look great by the bed

  • Availability of over-the-air upgrade capability gives you the opportunity to directly receive maintenance and feature updates

  • Simple Start/Stop button makes it easy to turn therapy on and off with a single tap

  • Integrated heated humidifier can be controlled manually or automatically with the Climate Control feature

  • Includes access to ResMed myAir, an online support program and app that uses data from your machine to let you know how you slept the night before, and provide tailored coaching tips and encouragement

  • AutoRamp™ feature delivers a low airflow pressure to help you fall asleep, then steadily increases to your prescribed level

  • myAir's Personal Therapy Assistant guides you through equipment setup, helping you troubleshoot common issues and get used to therapy

  • Expiratory pressure relief (EPR™) maintains regular airflow pressure while you inhale and reduces pressure to make it easier when exhaling

AirSense 11 in Use

Here’s how it all works together

1. Machine pushes air through the tubing to the mask

2. Mask (frame, cushion and headgear) allows pressurized air to enter the airway

3. Humidifier adds moisture to the air you breathe

4. 65W power supply unit provides continuous power

5. Filters are used to prevent dust and contaminants from entering the machine

6. myAir app helps guide you through equipment setup, includes a daily sleep score for tracking your progress and provides tailored coaching and educational resources

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Download myAir app

myAir App

Track your progress with the myAir app, available in the App Store® or on Google Play™. People who use myAir have been shown to sleep one hour longer per night on average during the first 90 days of therapy than other CPAP users. 


The ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet™ stands out as a top-tier auto-adjusting pressure device featuring an integrated heated humidifier, wireless connectivity, advanced event detection, and patient support capabilities.


Utilizing clinically proven algorithms, the AirSense 11 incorporates both the AutoSet and AutoSet for Her algorithms, widely recognized and extensively published in the realm of sleep-disordered breathing. This innovative device dynamically adapts to the patient's changing therapy pressure requirements, adjusting hourly, nightly, and seasonally to deliver the optimal lowest therapy pressure for enhanced comfort and efficacy.

Key Features:

- The myAir app serves as a personal therapy assistant, offering interactive voice-guided video instructions to guide patients through equipment setup and acclimation.
- During the initial month of therapy, Care Check-In prompts patients with time-based check-in questions and offers customized coaching and support to address common therapy concerns.
- The capability for over-the-air software upgrades allows for direct receipt of maintenance and feature updates, enhancing the device's functionality and performance.
- The user-friendly touchscreen simplifies the navigation of AirSense 11 settings, ensuring ease of use and intuitive operation.
- Advanced event detection recognizes central sleep apnea, respiratory effort-related arousal, and Cheyne-Stokes respiration events, offering treating physicians valuable insights into the ongoing health status of their patients.
- With AirView, you can conveniently access nightly therapy data, perform remote troubleshooting using the Remote Assist feature, and adjust device settings from afar. If patients choose to participate, their Care Check-In responses will be accessible in AirView, offering a more comprehensive insight into therapy progress.
- The one-touch Start/Stop button simplifies the process of activating and deactivating therapy, ensuring effortless control.
- The silent Easy-Breathe motor ensures a tranquil atmosphere for both the patient and their sleeping partner.
- The built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the room's lighting conditions and turns off when not in use.
- The AutoRamp feature, equipped with sleep onset detection, initiates therapy with a low pressure to aid patients in falling asleep smoothly. As the patient falls asleep, it gradually increases pressure to the prescribed level for enhanced comfort.
- EPR, or Expiratory Pressure Relief, ensures optimal treatment for patients by adjusting pressure during inhalation and reducing it during exhalation for enhanced comfort.
- The AutoSet Response comfort setting provides gradual pressure adjustments, promoting a smoother night's sleep and assisting patients with high pressure intolerance.
- The integrated heated humidifier offers manual or automatic control through the Climate Control feature.
- It incorporates the reliable therapy modes found in both the AirSense 10 AutoSet and AutoSet for Her devices.

Backed by Air Solutions.

AirSense 11 CPAP is backed by Air Solutions, a suite of proven tools designed to aid patients in adjusting to and adhering to therapy. This includes ResMed AirView, our remote monitoring platform, and myAir, our patient engagement app. When combined, these digital health technologies have been demonstrated to boost 90-day CMS-defined therapy compliance to 87%, compared to 70% with AirView alone. Additionally, myAir users typically slept one hour longer on average each night during the initial 90 days of therapy compared to other CPAP users.

  • Improved digital health technology
  • Incorporates our reliable therapy modes
  • Streamlined digital support functions for easy equipment setup and therapy adaptation
  • Advanced event detection capabilities
  • Built-in heated humidifier
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Incorporates both AutoSet and AutoSet for Her algorithms


  • IN THE PACKAGE: AirSense 11 AutoSet, Built-in HumidAir Humidifier, Standard Humidifier Chamber, Standard Slim Tubing, Universal Power Supply with Cord, Travel Bag, Preinstalled Standard Filter, Filter Cover, Printed Users Manual. Additional accessories including Filters, Heated Tubing and Long Life Chambers included depending on selections at checkout.
  • PART NUMBER(S): 39000
  • HCPCS CODE: E0601
  • GTIN / UPC CODE: 00619498390014
  • WARRANTY: 5 Year Warranty (2 years standard manufacturer’s warranty + 3 years sleepvantage membership warranty when activated)
  • COUNTRY: Singapore (Typical Origin)
    FAA Compliant Label Included on Base of Unit for Easy Identification. This product meets FAA regulations for use on commercial flights within the US and all international flights that depart or arrive in the US. Click here for TSA / FAA information on traveling with sleep and oxygen therapy. Always contact your airline prior to your flight to confirm any requirements they may have (i.e. a copy of your prescription or a letter of medical necessity) for allowing your device on board.


  • SIZE (APPROX): 3.72 x 10.21 x 5.45 Inches
  • WEIGHT (APPROX): 2.49 Lbs
  • MATERIALS: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


  • RAMP: AutoRamp with Sleep Detection
    Standard Ramp User Adjustable 0 to 45 Minutes
  • RAMP START: 4 to Minimum Therapy Pressure
  • SOUND LEVELS: 27 dBa
  • ALTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Automatic Up To 9,870 Feet
  • AUTO ON/OFF: Yes, SmartStart & Stop
  • COMFORT TECHNOLOGY: EPR (Settings = Off, 1, 2, 3 CM H2O)
  • RAINOUT REDUCTION: ClimateControl with optional ClimateLineAir 11 Heated Tubing
  • FILTERS: Disposable (Standard & Hypoallergenic Available)
  • ALARMS: On Screen Messages Including High Leak Detected, Water Tub Not Inserted Properly, Air Tubing May Not Be Connected Properly, Mask May Be Fitted Incorrectly, Tubing Blocked, System Fault, Air Filter May Be Blocked, etc.


  • MASKS: Compatible with all CPAP & BiLevel Masks
  • TUBING: Compatible with all Standard, Performance, Slim Performance, SlimLine, and ClimateLineAir 11 Heated Tubing.
  • HUMIDIFIERS: Built-in HumidAir Heated Humidifier
  • OXYGEN: Up to 15LPM (Requires Adapter or Mask with Oxygen Port)


  • DATA STORAGE: Onboard, SD Data Card (Optional)
  • DATA INCLUDED: 365 Days of Summary Data; Variable Amount of Detailed Data Including Usage Hours, Events (AHI) Per Hour, Mask Seal, Humidifier Functionality, Days Used, Days Used More Than 4 Hours, Average Usage, Used Hours, Average Pressure, Leak Rate, AHI, Total Apnea Index, and Central Apnea Index.
  • DATA VIEWING: On Screen Sleep Report
    MyAir Online
    Desktop Software Not Available to Consumers


  • HUMIDIFIER: Built-in HumidAir Heated Humidifier
  • HUMIDIFIER CHAMBERS: Standard (Included), Long Life Dishwasher Safe (Available at Checkout)
  • HUMIDIFIER NOTES: The standard water chamber may only be used with distilled water. The long life water chamber may be used with drinking quality water.


  • AC (WALL) POWER: Universal AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
  • AC POWER SUPPLY SIZE: 4.50 x 2.00 x 1.25 Inches (Approx)
  • AC POWER CORD LENGTH: 5 Feet (Approx)
  • DC POWER CONSUMPTION: 56 -73 Watts
  • BATTERY POWER: Optional External Accessory

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust the comfort features – humidity and ramp time – on my AirSense 11?

How to access your comfort settings on the AirSense 11:

On your AirSense 11 machine, use the touchscreen to go to My Options to see your current settings. From here, you can personalize your options.

Humidity Level
The humidifier moistens the air and is designed to make your therapy more comfortable. With the Climate Control Auto setting, both temperature and humidity are automatically preset at levels designed for maximum comfort. If you have a ClimateLineAir™ heated tube, all you have to do is plug it in and press Start. Note: ClimateLineAir heated tubing is required to use Climate Control Auto.

You can also manually set the Humidity Level to Off or between 1 and 8, where 1 is the lowest humidity setting and 8 is the highest humidity setting.

If you’re getting a dry nose or mouth, turn up the humidity. If you’re getting any moisture in your mask, turn down the humidity.

How to adjust humidity:
In My Options, select Humidity Level. Scroll and select the desired humidity level.

Ramp Time
Ramp Time is the period during which the pressure increases from a low start airflow pressure to your prescribed treatment pressure. You can set your Ramp Time to Off, from 5 to 45 minutes or Auto. When Ramp Time is set to Auto, the device will detect when you have fallen asleep and then gradually increase to the prescribed treatment pressure.

How to adjust Ramp Time:
In My Options, select Ramp Time and adjust to your preferred setting.

Need more help with your comfort settings? Your medical equipment store can help make any other necessary adjustments. You can also find more information in your machine’s user guide.

How do I get an AirSense 11, how much does it cost and is it covered by insurance?

A CPAP prescription is required for an AirSense 11. Cost and coverage vary by insurance provider and plan. Once your doctor has provided you with a prescription, contact your insurance provider to learn more about what’s covered under your plan. Then you can find a CPAP equipment store near you or shop online.

How do I clean my CPAP machine and how often?

You should clean your machine weekly. The following can be used as guidance for cleaning your machine; full cleaning instructions can also be found in the machine’s user guide.

How to clean your CPAP machine

Time it takes: 5 minutes

Supplies you’ll need to clean your machine:

  1. Sink or tub
  2. Warm, drinking-quality water (86°F / 30°C)
  3. Mild soap
  4. Clean towel

Weekly step-by-step cleaning tips:

  1. Unplug the machine. Wash the water tub and air tubing in warm water using mild detergent. Do not wash in a dishwasher or washing machine.
  2. Rinse the water tub and air tubing thoroughly and allow to dry out of direct sunlight and/or heat.
  3. Wipe the exterior of the device with a dry cloth or towel.

Can I use an ozone device to clean my ResMed machine?

ResMed has observed that prolonged and repeated use of an ozone device may eventually cause internal damage to a ResMed machine, leading to an increase in motor noise.The ResMed limited warranty excludes damage to ResMed machines caused by use of ozone devices.

How often should I replace my CPAP machine parts and can I sign up for a replacement program?

It’s important to regularly inspect, clean and replace your CPAP supplies, which can be affected by dirt and general wear. You should regularly check the water tub, air tubing and air filter for any signs of wear or damage.

Here are some replacement tips for your CPAP parts:

Water tub:

  • Replace if it begins leaking or has become cracked, cloudy or pitted.
  • Replace if the seal is cracked or torn.
  • Remove any white powder deposits using a solution of one part household vinegar to 10 parts water.

Air tubing:

  • Replace if there are any holes, tears or cracks.
  1. Air filter:
  • CPAP air filters can wear out or become clogged over time, potentially exposing you to airborne particles, mold and bacteria. We recommend checking them twice per month.

For help with when and how to replace your machine parts, contact your CPAP equipment store and ask if they have a replacement supply (resupply) program so you can get new parts on a consistent schedule. You should also check with your insurance provider to see what replacement parts are covered under your plan and how often you can replace them.

Which ResMed masks are compatible with AirSense 11?

While ResMed masks are designed to be compatible with most ResMed machines, it’s best to confirm compatibility for your specific mask to determine the correct mask setting for your machine.

Here’s a list of recommended compatible masks:

Full face masks:

Nasal masks:

Nasal pillow masks:

Click here for the most up-to-date list of compatible masks.

Is there a feature to help me get comfortable breathing against pressure, and to help make sure I'm setting up my machine and using my mask correctly?

Yes! Exclusive to AirSense 11 and the myAir app, Personal Therapy Assistant provides interactive voice-guided video setup instructions, as well as Test Drive, a therapy acclimation tool that can help you get comfortable using your AirSense 11 machine. myAir also provides tailored coaching, helpful tips, encouraging messages, cleaning reminders and more to support you along your sleep therapy journey.

How do I connect the myAir app to my AirSense 11 machine?

Make sure that Bluetooth® is enabled on your smartphone and then log in to the myAir app and follow the prompts to connect to the AirSense 11 machine. If you don’t see the four-digit key on the AirSense 11 screen, go to the Home menu and tap +More, and then tap myAir.

Customer Reviews

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Good for travel

A bit bulky but I think it's still good for travel when it came with a bag.

Great help

My machine came in today. Really appreciate the help from Toby.

Good Price

After a sleep study, I was instructed to use CPAP therapy. Been looking around for other machine option but found out Air 11 is the best option for me. Very happy with it

Best Machine Price

The best offer that I can find. Very happy with the therapy.

Brown Moore
Great Machine

A great upgrade from AirSense 10