Prescription Policy

In Australia, it is considered best practice to obtain a prescription before supplying CPAP therapy equipment. This is expected to become an industry requirement in the future, therefore it is our policy to confirm you have the necessary prescription and information about the equipment that you are purchasing.

CPAP prescriptions and relevant paperwork can be verified in a few way:

  • Upload the prescription before adding the product to cart
  • Email the prescription to
  • Provide us with correct phone number when placing order - The billing address must be in your name - Our team member will reach out and confirm 

Handwritten prescriptions using a standard pad will be accepted. However, your prescription must include the following information:

  1. Name of physician
  2. Physician contact information
  3. Physician signature
  4. Information about the needed equipment (ex. CPAP mask, CPAP, etc.)
  5. Pressure setting information for CPAP / Bi-level machine

For patients who are simply replacing or buying a second machine, evidence of previously diagnosed or treated Sleep Apnea is required.