New Product Release 2024: Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle+ New Features

July 10, 2024


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New Product Release 2024: Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle+ New Features
Good sleep is important for overall health, and choosing the right sleep therapy device can make all the difference. Among the advances in CPAP technology are Fisher & Paykel’s SleepStyle and SleepStyle Plus machines. Both models are designed to provide effective and comfortable therapy for sleep apnea. In this article, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between the two models to help you determine which machine is best suited to your needs.


Similar Features of Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle and SleepStyle+

Auto-Adjusting Pressure

Both the SleepStyle and SleepStyle+ incorporate an advanced auto-adjusting pressure algorithm. This technology is designed to enhance the therapy experience by dynamically adjusting air pressure throughout the night. By continuously monitoring the user's breathing patterns, these machines ensure optimal therapy settings that balance comfort and effectiveness.

This feature is particularly beneficial for users whose breathing patterns may change during sleep, providing personalized therapy that adapts in real-time to maintain optimal airway pressure and support uninterrupted rest.

User-Friendly Design

Emphasizing accessibility and ease of use, both models are equipped with large, responsive buttons for adjusting settings. This thoughtful design consideration makes the devices straightforward and intuitive to operate, catering to users of all ages and abilities, including those with limited dexterity. 

The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of making adjustments, ensuring that users can comfortably manage their therapy settings without complexity or difficulty.

SensAwake Technology

Integrated into both the SleepStyle and SleepStyle+ machines, SensAwake technology enhances sleep comfort by intelligently responding to periods of wakefulness during the night. When it detects signs of waking, such as changes in breathing patterns or movement, SensAwake automatically reduces the air pressure to a more comfortable level.

This proactive adjustment helps users to quickly return to deeper, more restorative sleep without the discomfort that can accompany standard CPAP devices, promoting a more natural sleep cycle and improved overall sleep quality.

ThermoSmart Tubing

Both models feature ThermoSmart Tubing with AirSpiral technology, setting a new standard in humidification management. This advanced heated CPAP hose maintains a consistent temperature along its length, effectively preventing condensation buildup (commonly known as rainout).

By ensuring optimal humidity levels throughout the night, the ThermoSmart Tubing enhances comfort and therapy adherence, reducing the risk of discomfort or disruption due to excessive moisture in the mask or airway.

Integrated Technology

Equipped with state-of-the-art integrated technology, including mobile app connectivity, both the SleepStyle and SleepStyle Plus machines offer enhanced convenience and management capabilities. The mobile app allows users to monitor their sleep data in real-time, providing valuable insights into therapy effectiveness, usage patterns, and mask fit.

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables seamless data transfer between the device and the app, facilitating comprehensive therapy management from anywhere, at any time. This integration not only enhances user engagement and motivation but also empowers users to take an active role in optimizing their sleep therapy outcomes.


New Features of Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Plus

Auto Start/Stop

  • SleepStyle+: Features Auto Start/Stop, allowing therapy to begin automatically when the user puts on their mask and starts breathing. To stop the therapy, the user simply removes the mask.
  • SleepStyle: Does not include the Auto Start/Stop feature.

Oxygen Compatibility

  • SleepStyle+: Can be used with oxygen therapy. The machine combines PAP therapy and oxygen using a port connector between the mask and the breathing tube, delivering both therapies through the same mask.
  • SleepStyle: Does not offer integrated oxygen compatibility.

Filter Options

  • SleepStyle+: Includes standard filters with finger tabs for easy detachment and offers an optional ultra-fine filter with 99% filtration efficiency for particles such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.
  • SleepStyle: Standard filters are included, but it does not have the advanced ultra-fine filter option.

Easy-Access Chamber

  • SleepStyle+: Features a one-button access to the water chamber with an over-moulded watertight silicone seal, simplifying the process of refilling and cleaning.
  • SleepStyle: Also includes a user-friendly humidifier chamber but emphasizes its dishwasher-safe design for convenience.

Ease of Use Commendation

  • SleepStyle: The only CPAP machine to receive the American Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Commendation, highlighting its exceptional user-friendly design and ease of operation, particularly for those with arthritis.
  • SleepStyle+: Does not have this specific recommendation, but it remains user-friendly.

User-Friendly Menu

  • SleepStyle+: Features a large, forward-facing, textured button that works in harmony with the menu for quick navigation and ease of use.
  • SleepStyle: Also has a user-friendly interface but relies more on the simplicity and responsiveness of its buttons rather than a large textured button.
Both the F&P SleepStyle and SleepStyle+ machines are packed with advanced features to provide comfortable and effective sleep apnea therapy. Whether you need built-in oxygen therapy, advanced filtration, or prioritize ease of use and maintenance, there's a perfect option for you. Discover the right machine to enhance your sleep quality and manage your sleep apnea more effectively.

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