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CPAP masks for sale. Discover our extensive collection of CPAP face masks, designed to cater to every preference and need. From full-face to nasal and nasal pillow masks, find the ideal fit for your sleep apnea therapy.

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resmed full face mask


Full Face Mask

Full face masks, while not the most popular choice, are essential sleep apnea mask. They allow breathing through both the nose and mouth, making them suitable for those who cannot avoid mouth breathing while sleeping. These masks are bulkier than nasal masks and nasal pillows and are not ideal for people who move a lot during sleep or prefer sleeping on their side.

DreamWear Silicon Diametric Pillow


Pillow Mask

Nose pillow masks are the most compact among the three main types of CPAP masks. They are popular for those who do not need high pressure from their CPAP machine, offering a smaller and more targeted design compared to full face masks. The key difference is that nasal pillows seal directly into the nostrils with two soft pillows, rather than fitting around the nose.

Solo Nasal Mask

Fisher & Paykel

Nasal Mask

Nasal masks combine the compact size of nasal pillows with a design similar to full face masks, making them a great option for beginners in CPAP therapy. However, like nasal pillow masks, they should be avoided by mouth breathers and those with chronic sinus congestion or a deviated septum.