The Evolution of ResMed Masks: A Timeline

May 18, 2024


2 minutes read

ResMed Mask


ResMed has been a pioneer in sleep apnea treatment since its inception in 1989. Over the decades, the company has released numerous innovative masks, continuously improving the comfort and efficacy of sleep therapy. This timeline highlights the key releases and advancements in ResMed mask history.

1990s: The Early Innovations

  • Early 1990s: First Nasal Mask - ResMed's initial mask designed for CPAP therapy, laying the foundation for future advancements.
  • Late 1990s: Mirage Series - Introduction of the Mirage masks with dual-wall cushion technology, significantly improving the seal and comfort.

2000s: Advancing Comfort and Usability

  • Early 2000s: Swift Nasal Pillow Masks - Lightweight, less intrusive masks gaining popularity for their minimalist design.
  • Mid-2000s: Quattro Full Face Masks - Enhanced full-face coverage masks providing superior seals, ideal for high-pressure settings.

2010s: Enhancing User Experience

  • Early 2010s: AirFit Series - Launch of the AirFit P10 with a minimalist design, nearly 50% quieter than previous models.
  • Mid-2010s: AirFit F20 and N20 - Introduction of masks with InfinitySeal technology and magnetic clips for improved fit and ease of use.

Recent Innovations: Adapting to Modern Needs

  • Late 2010s: AirTouch Series - Masks featuring UltraSoft memory foam cushions for a personalized fit and exceptional comfort.
  • 2020s: Virtual Care Integration - Masks designed to integrate with digital health platforms for remote monitoring and therapy adjustments.


The history of ResMed masks is marked by continuous innovation aimed at improving patient comfort and therapy effectiveness. From the first nasal masks to the advanced AirTouch series, ResMed's commitment to excellence has driven the evolution of sleep apnea treatment.