Choosing Your CPAP Companion: Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto vs. ResMed AirSense 11 Auto CPAP Machine

January 13, 2024


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Choosing Your CPAP Companion: Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto vs. ResMed AirSense 11 Auto CPAP Machine
If you're looking for a new CPAP machine, you've probably heard of the Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto and the ResMed AirSense 11 Auto. Let's compare them to help you make the best choice for your sleep.

Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto

The Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine – a popular choice for many and for good reasons.

Why SleepStyle Auto is a Great Pick:

  • Super Easy to Use: The SleepStyle Auto is all about making your CPAP experience hassle-free. With its user-friendly controls and simple interface, you won't be spending ages figuring out how to use it.
  • Integrated Humidifier: Dry air can be a problem during CPAP therapy, but not with the SleepStyle Auto. It comes with a built-in humidifier that adds just the right amount of moisture to the air, helping you breathe comfortably all night.
  • Quiet Operation: One of the best things about this machine is how quietly it runs. You (and your partner) can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without any loud humming or buzzing.
  • Compact and Sleek Design: Not only is this machine effective, but it's also quite a looker. Its compact and sleek design means it won’t take up much space on your bedside table.
  • Data at Your Fingertips: Keeping track of your sleep therapy progress is easy with the SleepStyle Auto. It records your data, which you can review to understand how well your therapy is going.
  • Travel-Friendly: If you’re on the move, this CPAP machine is ready to travel with you. Its compact size makes it easy to pack and take along on trips.
The Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a CPAP machine that's easy to use, effective, and won't disrupt your (or your partner's) sleep. It's designed to make your journey to sleep better as smoothly as possible.

ResMed AirSense 11 Auto

Let's explore the ResMed AirSense 11 Auto, a CPAP machine that not only helps you breathe easier at night, but also offers the latest technology. Packed with user-friendly features and smart technology, this machine is designed to revolutionize the sleep therapy experience.

Why the AirSense 11 Auto Stands Out:

Cutting-Edge Technology: This machine is all about using the latest tech to improve your sleep. It automatically adjusts the air pressure to suit your breathing needs, making your night's sleep as comfortable as possible.
  • Integrated Humidifier: Say goodbye to dry and uncomfortable air. The AirSense 11 Auto comes with a built-in humidifier that you can adjust to your liking. Plus, its climate control feature ensures the air isn’t too hot or too cold – just perfect!
  • Intuitive Touchscreen: The machine boasts a modern touchscreen interface, making it super easy to navigate through settings. It’s like using a smartphone – simple and straightforward.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Keeping track of your therapy is a breeze with its wireless connectivity. You can easily share data with your healthcare provider or access it yourself for insights into your sleep patterns.
  • Quiet: One of the best things about the AirSense 11 Auto is its quiet operation. It’s designed to make as little noise as possible, so your sleep is undisturbed.
  • MyAir App: With the MyAir app, you get personalized tips and a daily score that helps you understand and improve your CPAP therapy experience.
The ResMed AirSense 11 Auto smart, user-friendly, and designed to make your therapy experience as smooth as possible. If you're after a machine that's easy to use yet packed with advanced features, this one's for you.


When choosing a CPAP machine, it's crucial to consider how different models align with your personal needs and preferences. Here's a detailed look at how the Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto compares with the ResMed AirSense 11 Auto:

Ease of Use:

  • Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto: This machine is designed with simplicity in mind. It features physical buttons and a straightforward interface, which many users find more intuitive and easier to navigate, especially in the dark or if they are not as comfortable with digital technology.
  • ResMed AirSense 11 Auto: Equipped with a modern touchscreen interface, it offers a more contemporary interaction similar to a smartphone. This could be more appealing to users who are accustomed to digital devices.


  • SleepStyle Auto: Comes with a built-in humidifier which is quite effective in adding necessary moisture to the therapy air. This is particularly useful in dry environments.
  • AirSense 11 Auto: Not only does it include a built-in humidifier, but it also features advanced climate control technology. This allows for more precise control of humidity levels and air temperature, adapting to different environments for optimal comfort.

Technology and Connectivity:

  • SleepStyle Auto: Offers essential features for effective CPAP therapy and does include connectivity for data tracking. However, it might not have as many advanced technological features as some other models.
  • AirSense 11 Auto: Stands out with its advanced event detection, auto-adjusting pressure settings, and wireless connectivity. It integrates seamlessly with the MyAir app, providing detailed feedback and tips for users, making it a top choice for those who appreciate smart technology in their healthcare devices.

Design and Portability:

  • SleepStyle Auto: Known for its compact and travel-friendly design. It's slightly smaller and lighter, making it a bit easier to take trips or move around.
  • AirSense 11 Auto: While also designed with portability in mind, it is a bit larger compared to the SleepStyle Auto. However, it still remains a good option for travel.
Both the Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto and the ResMed AirSense 11 Auto are excellent CPAP machines, each with its unique strengths. SleepStyle is great for simplicity and ease of use, while the AirSense 11 shines with its advanced features and app integration. Your choice depends on what features you value most for your night-time comfort.

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